Josh Speedie
Co-Founder & Principal Designer
Urban Design & Education

Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT)

Master of Spatial Planning with Sustainable Urban Design | University of Dundee

Master of Education | Nipissing University

Bachelor of Education | Nipissing University

Bachelor of Arts | University of Western Ontario

Josh is a designer, educator, facilitator and researcher with a passion for creating great places and online communities for people. He is an urban design specialist with a professional background as an educator in both traditional and non-traditional learning environments. Josh has a diverse research background ranging from healthy neighbourhood urban design to play-based learning environments. His multidisciplinary background encourages him to adopt a holistic approach to connect research, data, and design with the experiences of people. During his studies at the University of Dundee, he was awarded the Urban Design Excellence Award by Perth & Kinross Council and the University of Dundee for his contributions to an integrated Perth city vision. Josh is interested how underrepresented voices can enrich the design process and lead to a greater sense of ownership for participants. He strongly believes designers must identify the affordances and constraints of specific communication methods and how they can impact participation for traditional 'design outsiders'. He is driven to create innovative engagement methods capitalising on the untapped potential of online tools and a playful approach to learning and design.
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