Using the brief as a starting point for discussion and a spark for creativity the team collaborated with a 'design outsider' - a primary teacher with a background in outdoor education. The goal was to design a children's play furniture prototype.
Feb 2021
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The English word for furniture is derived from the French word fourniture - from founir - meaning to supply or provide.

Circle of play.

The structures provide opportunities for a diverse range of usage underneath each 'wave', while inviting children and adults to sit, watch and play along a linear pathway. 

Isometric diagram of playful pathway.

Recognizing that play is developmentally appropriate for humans of any age, the play furniture elements are modular and can be adapted to suit community needs. Through an attention to both seating and playful elements, Playful Pathways incorporates play into the public realm to inspire playfulness and creativity.

Playful pathway render.

View the process through our 2 Day Design series. In the first episode, the team - including 'Design Outsider' Emily (a primary school teacher with a background in outdoor education) tackle a design challenge using a play furniture brief as the starting point for discussion and a spark for creativity. (pilot episode)

The team reflects on the initial contributions of the Design Outsider, and continues to develop the visualization of the Play Furniture Pathway.

In part three, the team reveals the design to the Design Outsider. Following the reveal, we discuss opportunities that could enhance the design, and reflect on the 2 Day Design process.

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