Binder and Kind’s edited volume Drawing as Language: Celebrating the Work of Bob Steele, is a festschrift to honor the scholarship and continued legacy of Professor Emeritus and artist, Bob Steele. Highlighting young children’s use of drawing as a communication tool, this festschrift provides a powerful showcase of Steele and his belief in the communicative power of drawing as language.
Apr 2019
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Dr. Rachel Heydon
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The following is an excerpt of a book review for "Binder M and Kind S (eds) (2017) Drawing as Language: Celebrating the Work of Bob Steele. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers." The full book review can be found here.

"In our neo-liberal era, children’s communication options are often constrained with a focus on written text in standardized, outcomes-based curricula and assessments (Heydon, 2012). As Binder and Kotsopoulos (2011) caution, an over reliance on reading and writing can make them obstacles - not tools - for learning, and “perpetuates a deficit approach to early learning” (p. 340). This volume provides another timely call for educators to listen to the child in their midst, and recognize their contributions (such as drawing) as a unique and important communication option."


Binder, M, Kotsopoulos, S (2011) Multimodal literacy narratives: Weaving the threads of young children's identity through the arts. Journal of Research in Childhood Education 25: 339–363.

Heydon R. (2012) Multimodal communication and identities options in an intergenerational art class. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 10(1):51-69. doi:10.1177/1476718X11402751

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